2020 is the chinese year of the rat and to celebrate this we are giving away free promotional gifts to launch our reviews section to all current or previous clients that have used our services.

To qualify simply post a review and you will recieve your gift within 30 days. You can choose between a mug, qaulity pen or a soft toy for your pet.



Rats were terrorizing our garden and pet rabbits for years. We tried everything, including 2 pest control companies to help get rid and solve the problem, but despite killing a few, they always managed to out think us and survive. I told my husband that if we do not get rid of them by end of 2018 then we are selling the house. But then Andre was referred to us by a friend. He told us to relocate the rabbits to the garage but leave the hutches and everything else where they are. He then cleared out the lot of them within 6 weeks. It’s been 15 months and we ain’t seen a rat since. A highly knowledgeable guy and we thoroughly recommend him.

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Friendly, knowledgeable and effective service. Am very relieved to see the end to my rat problem!

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Your service, with a smile, has been perfect.

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I am happy to recommend Frontline Verminators to anyone with a pest infestation. Andre provides a personal service and more importantly, no matter how stubborn your unwelcome visitors are, he just won’t be beaten

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You know it’s true….
Your competition just can’t hold a candle to the way you DELIVER real solutions to your customers on your website frontlineverminators.uk
But it’s a shame when good people who need what you are offering end up settling for a 2nd rate service or even worse.
Not only do they deserve better, but you deserve to be at the top of their list.
I am confident that I can reliably turn your website into a serious lead generating machine.
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