If you suspect that you may be experiencing the early stages of a rat infestation. Then follow these simple steps.

1. Do not touch, move, clean or block anything unless absolutely necessary. Just like a crime scene, the initial attack will leave behind crucial information that will determine and simplify how the rodent entered your home in the first place.
2. CONTACT PEST CONTROL SERVICES IMMEDIATELY, if they cannot attend within 24 hours or you have already decided to do DIY, then take photos of the area now.
3. You can now clear away the debris and clean the area using bleach and disinfectant, MAKING SURE TO WEAR GLOVES.
4. Follow the instructions carefully when using pest control products, especially poison.

STANDARD SERVICE Poison application every 2 – 4 weeks pending on severity of infestation.  From £60 + VAT
DISPATCH & REMOVE SERVICE Surveillance of affected area, followed by Trapping or shooting and removal. From £100 + VAT
PREDATOR CONTROL  The use of trained dogs or ferrets to dispatch or flush the rodents out.  4 Hour session
 £250 + travel expenses. 
GASSING The use of gas to euphonize or bolt rats.   3 Hour session
£150 + VAT
PRE – TREATMENT SURVEY  A full report confirming
WHAT, WHERE, WHY & HOW to treat, as well as long term prevention recommendations.NOTE
-Survey takes a minimum of 7 Days to complete.
-Survey does not include the use of Drones or CCTV drainage equipment.
-Survey report quotations are valid only for 14 days. 
Residential £175 + VAT Commercial £250 + VAT 

– Pest control methods are subject to assessment, your infestation situation may not qualify for your chosen method.
– Prices exclude travel expenses if outside Berkshire.